Be Informed and Act! The Dental Insurance Fairness Act of 2013

One issue we’ve been passionate about is dentists working to pass laws guaranteeing that assignment of benefits can’t be withheld due to non-participation with an insurance company.  Why is this law important?  Because there are some companies that will not send benefit checks to the dentist if they are not a contracted participating provider.  This law would help move towards an environment where patients who pay for their dental insurance would be able to direct payment to the dentist who provided their care, regardless of if the dentist is an in or out of network provider.


From the ADA website:


Support ERISA Reform – H.R. 1798

Dental coverage helps 173 million Americans get care that is vital to ensuring good oral and overall health.

Rep. Paul Gosar’s (R-AZ) H.R. 1798, the Dental Insurance Fairness Act of 2013, will help consumers receive the full value of their dental coverage. Under H.R. 1798 all self-funded health plans that offer dental benefits will provide uniform coordination of benefits and will permit patients to assign the payment of benefits directly to their dentists.

Showing strong support by increasing the number of co-sponsors for H. R. 1798 is crucial for the bill’s overall success, as opponents are working hard at undermining the legislation, often providing misleading information about the bill’s impact.

Please write to your representative and let him/her know that supporting H.R. 1798 would ensure patients receive the full value of their insurance, as well as facilitate the delivery of high-quality oral care services for all Americans.


Go to the ADA’s website and you can have your name forwarded to your congress representatives with a couple of easy clicks:[capwiz:queue_id]