Becoming Less Insurance Dependent

As evidenced most recently by the significant fee decreases by Washington Dental (WDS Delta) on the west coast, insurance companies are continuing to charge higher premiums for fewer benefits and lower reimbursements. Keep in mind that 50% of the population does not have dental insurance. While most offices that are struggling for new patient flow begin to look at going in-network with PPOs as a solution, I recommend targeting the uninsured as another option. Trends clearly show that insurance benefits are much more likely to decrease than increase in the future. As dentists plan their long term goals consider ways that you can gradually decrease your dependence on insurance participation. While I’d like to assume the WDS cuts are an isolated incident I think it’s far more likely that it’s just the beginning. If your practice is heavily reliant on PPOs be sure to look beyond insurance to other alternatives to keep new patient flow up before you are faced with the hard choices the WDS dentists are dealing with now.