Extraction CE with a Twist!

The kids are beautiful in Costa Rica! They also love it when I bring some toys with me!

I received some great information yesterday about an upcoming continuing education class in Costa Rica on extractions You may have seen the “I Want to Extract Teeth” thread on DentalTown which has over 100,000 views and here is your chance to learn from the experts. The class is July 4-8, 2011 in beautiful Costa Rica and is being taught by Dr. Tommy Murph and Dr. Gayle Fletcher. Dr. Dan Quevedo will be available for hands on instruction as well. Dan has been to the area before and will be our tour director and activities adviser. Attendees will get 14 hours of CE.

I’m helping promote this class because they have added a special component that I love which is the class participants will be doing extractions at the local free clinic, about 5 miles from the hotel and patients will be available for you to practice the knowledge you have learned. It is not required of you to participate in the hand on in order to get the 14 hours CE. This optional activity will be voluntary with Dr’s. Murph, Fletcher, and Quevedo present to give advice and/or assistance as needed. Some additional information from Dr Quevedo about the area and helping the locals:

Some background…..
They have socialized medicine (call it Costa Rican Obamacare). Hospitals are spaced out pretty widely…..and in between the government operates little clinics where people can get out-patient care, get minor emergencies treated, and see a physician at no charge. It’s first come first serve. They line up very early in the morning. Dentistry is covered with a $20 copay for each filling but that doesn’t include anesthesia, and the government dentists are few and far between. The average salary per day in CR is about $11….so that’s about 2 days pay for a filling. Most tough it out w/o anesthesia because they can’t afford it. When they hear that an American Dentist is coming to town with free care AND FREE ANESTHESIA…..they line up beginning at 3AM to be seen. These people are so gentle and nice…..even when they’ve been out there since 3AM and are turned away because we can’t fit them in….they don’t fuss or get mad. They thank you and come back again tomorrow and try again. Most American patients would be causing a stink if this happened to them.
Anyway….we’ll be working out of one of the back rooms there in the government clinic. We have to use portable chairs, portable equipment, portable everything. The clinic is for MEDICAL treatment….not dental. They have NO dental facilities in the building. I have all the portable stuff…..so we’ll be using my equipment. (Please….nobody drop my Nomad Pro, okay?)
The country itself is beautiful….kind of like a “raw” Hawaii. Undeveloped Hawaii. Lots of beaches, surfing, wildlife, pineapples, fruit in general, and active volcanos. The country is peaceful. They have NO military whatsoever…..no army, no navy, no nothing. Except for the capital city of San Jose…..they have no violent crime.
The class will be limited to the first Eight dentist’s that sign up.
You sign up by contacting
The course will located at the
Hotel Tamarindo Diria Beach Resort
This 4 star resort is located on the Ocean and offers a wide variety of water activities from snorkeling, scuba, kayak, white water rafting, deep sea fishing, etc. You are not far from the active Arenal Volcano which will be an excellent excursion as well as the rain forest.
This should be a great vacation in which to relax and learn about removing teeth.
We will have plenty of free time to enjoy all the amenities.
The classes will be early morning and early in the week leaving the later days free for touring and sightseeing.
We will cover the basics of all extractions, and then get into the more advanced technique’s.
The small class size will allow you to ask questions not only in class, but out on the beach or beside the pool.

Great view to enjoy while you are here!

The early bird registration is $2500
After March 1st it is $2750
After May 1st it is $3000