Delta of Arizona Change With Major Implications!

Dentists in Arizona received a letter dated April 25, 2014 noting that if they are Premier only providers that they will be allowed to remain Premier only as long as Delta is the only company they are contracted with. If the dentist is Premier only and they take other PPOs, they will be moved to the PPO network and dentists received 60 days notice for this change to go into effect. This is a significant change, not only for directly affected Arizona dentists but is also something all dentists nationally should be concerned about. Delta is indicating that a dentist’s contracts with other PPOs can now determine how they are contracted with Delta. The drop from Premier to PPO rates is expected to be very significant for most dentists affected by this change, often in the range of $100,000 a year or more in income. See the website below to review a copy of the letter:

We are unaware of how Delta can move a dentist to a new network based on their contracts with OTHER insurance companies and hope that a legal challenge is being formulated.