Drop The PPO becomes “Unlock The PPO

Effective today we have changed our company name from Drop The PPO to Unlock The PPO.  Drop The PPO was launched with the idea of helping dentists manage their insurance participation by analyzing insurance plans and making recommendations about which PPOs to participate with.  As time went on our company expanded to meet the needs of dentists who did not want to change their participation, they simply wanted to be paid more for their work.  In 2011 we brought Lisa Weber on as a full time partner to introduce fee schedule negotiations as a major component of what we offer.  Meanwhile, we saw many of our client’s needs shifting as the struggling economy had many fee-for-service practices questioning the need to add PPOs.  We also began differentiating our services to support start-up practices which have different needs in choosing initial plans, negotiating and all of the added administrative insurance credentialing hassles that go into launching a new practice.  As our services expanded we wanted our name to accurately reflect the all-encompassing coverage of our company.
Alongside of these additions in services we became immersed in following the dental insurance changes that we see affecting the long-term landscape of dentistry.  Initial fee schedule reductions that affected Washington State followed by other states, changes in contracting requirements and the expansion of third party administrators are issues we’ve not only closely followed but have spent many hours developing relationships on the other side of the table to be a voice for the solo and small group dentist.  Our company goal is to be the industry leader in representing individual offices to get them the best fees possible but to also be on the forefront of information sharing as the industry continues to shift so that offices can be best prepared for long-term profitability.