Embezzlement? Let’s Hope Not!

As I discuss the effects of PPO involvement on a practice’s collections, another question that sometimes arises is whether or not something else is “off”. No one wants to suspect that a lack of collections may be due to something more suspicious than poor insurance fee schedules however it’s always prudent to be sure you have proper systems and solid monitoring of those systems. When I receive questions regarding potential embezzlement I refer to Sandy Pardue of Classic Practice Resources who I consider to be a leading expert on this issue. She has worked with hundreds of practices and has seen it all regarding embezzlement. On a recent post on DentalTown, Sandy stated that “statistics show 38% of practices have been embezzled from, that is just the practices we know about”. Sandy never charges for a phone call from dentists so if you have any concerns about your collections issues, give her a call. Her consulting company can be found at www.ClassicPractice.com or she can be reached at 1-800-928-9289 ext. 10. This is one area where it’s better to be safe than sorry.