Find Production!

Many dentists are questioning how to increase revenues during slower economic times, such as these, so that they do not have to increase insurance participation. One great source of revenue can be to first examine how much unscheduled treatment your office already has. If possible, I’d always rather see dentists follow up on treatment that was planned, yet not completed, with current patients before jumping in-network with insurance to attract new ones. Oftentimes this area falls through the cracks because it’s a big project and it seems too hard to climb the mountain. If you wonder how much revenue has been treatment planned in your office with nothing to show for it, take a look at Lisa Weber has an excellent service for office’s who want someone else to step in and handle this project for them. Lisa tunnels into your practice management software to see where you have unscheduled treatment, then she contacts your patient base to follow up and schedule on your behalf. Her phone number is set up to look like it is coming from your office, allowing a personalized approachwithout interrupting your regular office staff flow. Check out her website for more information about the packages she offers. I’ve personally known Lisa for many years and I have no doubts she will take excellent care of any of my readers who are looking for some help in this area.