Gold Star Service Award2019 WINNERS

Gregory M, Aetna

Gregory worked exceptionally hard to create an offer that could gain management approval yet also would still work for the doctor. He went above and beyond to help find a solution for this doctor in spite of the fact that the original fee schedule was sent in error by another Aetna representative. He single-handedly turned lemons into lemonade and represented Aetna in a way that was exceptional. Thanks, Gregory!!

Below, please find our past winners of Rep of the Month Honors

December, 2018Amy M, Humana – Amy is always very quick in responding to our emails and questions. She is very professional and we enjoy working with her. She is also very knowledgeable about the product so we can count on receiving the correct information the first time around. Thanks, Amy for all of your hard work!

November, 2018Terry B, Principal – Terry makes it very easy to work with Principal. She always sends everything needed in one complete email, saving time from going back and forth. She represents Principal well and shows her dedication to the client doctors. Thanks, Terry!!

October, 2018Terri P, Principal – We truly enjoy working with Terri and appreciate her attention to detail and quick response. Terri is very knowledgeable within the industry and she represents Principal well. Thank you for everything that you do, we all appreciate it!

September, 2018Venessa C, Sun Life – Venessa has been working with Unlock The PPO for quite some time and she is always professional and quick in responding. We value her awesome customer service and her detailed work. When we receive an email from Venessa, we all know that it is complete and correct! Thanks, Venessa for all that you do, we appreciate you very much!

August, 2018Vicki R, Delta – Vicki always pays close attention to detail and is very quick in responding. She is very knowledgeable in the industry and we are all fortunate to have her working with our doctors and Unlock The PPO. We appreciate the amount of effort and time that she puts into her job, which does not go unnoticed. Thank you, Vicki!

July, 2018Jacqueline N, Regence – We would like to recognize Jacqueline for her dedication to our client doctors and to Unlock The PPO. She was nominated by our credentialing team as someone who is always responsive and follows up quickly. She is very professional and is always happy to help us with the process and with questions regarding Regence. We appreciate Jacqueline and enjoy working with her very much!

June, 2018Jonathan T, BCBS – We would like to thank Jonathan for always responding in a timely matter and for helping us with issues that are not always a part of his job responsibilities. If we don’t know where to turn, we reach out to him and he either knows the answer, finds the answer or he puts us in contact with someone who can help. He is professional and pays close attention to detail, making sure everything is accurate and complete. Jonathan, thank you for your dedication to Unlock The PPO and more importantly the clients.

May, 2018Nancy F, Principal – We have worked with Nancy for several years and every time she is very responsive and pays close attention to detail. She is pleasant to work with and always sends everything that is needed the first time around. We appreciate the hard work and dedication that she provides to the doctors as well as Unlock The PPO.

April, 2018Catherine P, GEHA – Catherine responds quickly to our numerous emails and sends updates in a timely manner. We appreciate her help with all of our requests because that, in turn, helps us update the doctors and keep everything on track. Thank you for helping to make the process run smoothly!

March, 2018Terri N, SunLife – Our staff would like to recognize Terri for her outstanding customer service and for her positive attitude over the years while working with Unlock The PPO. Terri is very knowledgeable in the industry and it’s always a pleasure when we get to work with her on an account.

February, 2018Janelle H, DenteMax – Janelle always responds quickly and helpfully when working with her and received rave reviews from our team of negotiators. Her knowledge in the ever-changing world of third-party administrators is appreciated by our company.

January, 2018Jeannette H, Sun Life – Jeannette has gone above and beyond in assisting us lately with some added requests and is always friendly and responsive. We appreciate that she goes the extra mile when we need it and the dentists she helps us serve are grateful to have strong support services and it reflects very well on Sun Life.

December, 2017Judy B, Aetna – Our entire negotiations staff has worked with Judy regularly for several years and we appreciate her knowledge of the industry. She is responsive in working with us trying to find the best options for our dentist clients and is always pleasant to work with.

November, 2017Renee S, Guardian – Renee is known for her attention to detail and her follow-through with the many dentists we’ve worked together on. We appreciate her responsiveness and ability to get doctors the requested information promptly.

October, 2017Yvonne P, Delta of California – Yvonne is an example of the very best in the industry. She is responsive, always pleasant and chooses to go above and beyond with her help, far beyond what is a typical experience. She is a true customer service gem!

September, 2017Dewayne B, GEHA/Connection Dental – Dewayne is very professional and friendly when emailing back and forth and our team appreciates how quick he is in responding.

August, 2017Julia R, United Healthcare – Julie is a rep our company has worked with for many years. She has a reliable history, we trust the information she gives us, she represents her company in a knowledgeable manner and she’s very friendly to work with. Our entire team loves her!

July, 2017Melissa B, GEHA/Connection Dental – Melissa responds quickly and is willing to help resolve issues when needed. Happy to help with questions and pleasant for our company to work with.

June, 2017Julie S, Humana – Julie is very professional and explains everything in a concise, easy to understand format. She’s nice to work with and is willing to go the extra mile for assisting us and doctors when added help may be needed.

May, 2017Lexie R, Ameritas – Lexie is easy to work with and has often stepped into help on accounts that were not even hers. She’s quick in responding and has been instrumental in us presenting Ameritas as an option to our dental clients.

April, 2017Judi M, Sun Life – Judi is one of the single most knowledgable and responsive reps in the industry. She responds quickly but also knows her company’s product and represents it exceptionally well. We trust that anything Judi tells us is reliable information. She’s excellent!

March, 2017Ashley G, Cigna – Ashley provides all information right away so that we are able to present to doctor’s quickly. Responsive and willing to help, even when extra assistance is needed.

February, 2017Hannah H, Careington – Count on Hannah being the first rep to respond and normally on the same day. Accurate information that we trust to provide to doctors. She is always pleasant and friendly to work with.

January, 2017Beth H, Maverest – Beth is very quick in responding and following up with anything needed. We never have to ask for anything twice, she is prompt and reliable.


Unlock-the-PPO Gold Star ServiceEach month the staff at Unlock The PPO meets to nominate a single rep for our “Rep of the Month” award. We know that the insurance company reps are bombarded with contracting requests. It is our goal, as a company, to be straightforward and easy to work with and we have several internal guidelines required of all of our staff. For example, we will not ever share fee schedules, misrepresent a dentist’s intentions or allow a doctor to submit over-inflated fees for the purposes of negotiations. Because of our long history in the industry, we have had the opportunity to work with many insurance companies repeatedly over the course of many years. There are now a few hundred reps we work with regularly so to narrow our selection down to a single person each month is a sign of the professionalism the nominee must have represented to multiple members of our staff, usually on several occasions.

There is one specific criteria that we completely disregard in our nominee, which is fee schedule negotiations. We know that some reps may have some or no ability to negotiate higher fees for our clients and that is not a factor in this recognition. This award has been specifically created to recognize reps for other factors which are a reflection of their service to our company and our dentist clients including:

  • We know there is a process of varying lengths with each insurance company but the rep is someone who responds promptly, even if it’s just to say they are working on a request so that we have a time frame to report back to the dentist.
  • Representation of their product. If a doctor has a specific, detailed question that requires added information from a rep, the rep answers accurately or asks us to wait until they can obtain the correct answer.
  • General problem solving when something doesn’t go right on the carrier’s end. On the occasion a mistake is made, such as an incorrect fee schedule being loaded or an incorrect effective date, the rep works directly to get it corrected. This quality plays a very large part in our larger recommendation of an insurance company for potential participation for a dentist. Regardless of fee schedules, if a company does not have reps that can support their product, we are far less likely to recommend the network.
  • Attention to detail and proving information that is the same to both us and the dentist to ensure consistent communication.
  • The ability to problem solve, step back and have a discussion about a situation and assist us in looking for solutions rather than creating a cut and paste answer that indicates an unwillingness to spend time on situations that may fall outside typical parameters.