Join us for “Tactical PPO Participation/Non-Participation – Taking Control” with Unlock The PPO Owner, Lisa Weber. Alaskan Cruise/CE Aug 7-14, 2015

Join us for an Alaskan Cruise and CE-August 7-14, 2015!
“Tactical PPO Participation/Non-Participation-Taking Control”

August 7, 2015 is a 4 hour class in Vancouver, Canada by Drs Murph/Fletcher.  The lectures will include How to use a 301 elevator, How to use a Dr. Murph Crane Pick, How to Elevate Flaps, and Surgical extraction techniques.   The class will be 8am until 12 noon at the Holiday Inn Vancouver Center  711 West Broadway  604-707-1939.   Tuition for this class is $600.

Alaska Cruise CE Instructions Aug. 7-14, 2015

  1. Contact Dr. Murph 843-488-4357 and register for the class.   Tuition is $2499 for 20 hours of CE. If you only want to do the lecture in Vancouver or only do the lecture on ship for extractions or only do the lecture on ship for insurance participation/non-participation or only do the lecture on ship for restorative dentistry or only do the lecture in Anchorage, the tuition for each lecture separately is $600 and each is 4 hours of CE separately.
  2. On August 8, 2015 there will be a 4 hour lecture on “How to Handle Complications that Occur after you have Removed a Tooth”.  This lecture will be 8am until noon and will cover staying calm with nerve damage, Sinus perforations, dry sockets, boney spicules, and more.  This is going to be a casual discussion of topics and we want the intimate group to ask lots of questions about complications that they have encountered or are scared of occurring. Drs Murph & Fletcher.
  3. On August 8, 2015  Dr. Arthur Volker will give a 4 hour lecture on Maximizing Outcomes using Minimal Intervention. This is a multi-specialty outlook at cases to achieve the best outcome with the least amount of work. This lecture will be 1pm to 5pm on the last at sea day on the cruise. Tuition for this class only is $600  This lecture will be on board the ship from 1pm to 5pm.  You can contact Dr. Volker for more details at
  4. On August 13, 2015 Lisa Weber, a partner in Unlock The PPO will give a 4 hour lecture on Tactical Insurance Participation/Non Participation.  Each practice attendee will receive a custom insurance demographic report and a snapshot analysis of their own practice data for evaluation (if requested).  Third Party Administrator/Shared network dynamics will be of particular focus.  Take control of participation rather than having PPO’s control you! The lecture tuition for this class is $600.  This lecture will be on board the ship from 1pm to 5pm (we’ll be sailing past the glaciers just before lunch this day so get ready for an incredible sight!  You can contact Lisa for more details at  Their company website is
  5. Cruise is Royal Caribbean “Radiance of the Seas” and leaves Vancouver on Friday August 7, 2015 about 5pm going to Seward, Alaska arriving on Friday August 14, 2015 and deboarding about 10am.
  6. Go to    Fill out the information asked for, click “Continue” at the bottom, and you will be entered into a drawing for a free Caribbean cruise.
  7. Fill out the “Client Information” sheet that Dr. Murph will email you when you register (attached at the very bottom of this post) and Email it directly to Dan and he will book your reservation.  His email is
  8. Vancouver Hotel:  If you fly into Vancouver on Thursday August 6, 2015, you will make a one night reservation at:   Holiday Inn Vancouver-Center  711 West Broadway   Phone 604-707-1939   Rooms are $179 per night for single and $194 per night for double plus tax.    Use Booking Code Dental 2015 
  9. Anchorage Hotel:  If you stay at least one night and fly out on Saturday August 8, you will make a one night reservation at:  Inlet Tower Hotel  1200 L. Street   907-276-0110   Rooms are $141.99 for a single and $152 for a double.  Use Booking Code  DENTAL GROUP

The above Hotel Stays are just suggestions.  You could come to Vancouver and tour a few days before (lecture will be 8am to 12 noon on August 7 in the Hotel).  Indicate your desire on the Client Information sheet mentioned above and Dan will take care of it for you.  In Vancouver, we will check out and go to the cruise ship after lecture.   When we get off the ship in Seward you will travel by bus about 2 hours to Anchorage and arrive around 1pm and check into the hotel (lecture will be 5pm to 9pm).  You could just drop your bags off at the front desk and do the lecture and then fly home on a red-eye flight.  Many of the flights out of Anchorage going east leave between mid-night and 3am so you may want to check on flight times before you make hotel reservations.

August 14, 2015 is a 4 hour class in Anchorage, Alaska.  The lectures will include how to use a Dr. Murph Crane Pick, Sutures, Antibiotics used in dentistry, Diagnosis and x-ray interpretation.  The class will be 5pm to 9pm at the American Legion Post 1 located at 840 West Firewood Lane in Anchorage.  This class will include a Steak Dinner with salad and sides.  Tuition for this class including meal is $600.   There will be a free shuttle to the Inlet Tower Hotel and back. If you want your family to attend the dinner it is $20 per person and includes 2 drink tickets


I’d strongly recommend you check with Dan Qeuvedo as soon as possible because the pre-booked blocks of rooms have already been grabbed by attendees but there are other rooms available!  I’m hoping to meet many fellow Townies-Alaskan Bound!!vancouver-alaskan-cruise-anchorage-class/cp4i

“I have been on several cruises all over the world and the Alaskan Cruise was one of the most beautiful and breath taking experiences I have ever had the pleasure of doing.” –Dr. Murph