Looking To Bump Production Without Insurance? Check Out Powerprox & Extractions!

I am often asked for ways to increase production outside of insurance. I received this information today regarding an upcoming class where Dr. Tommy Murph is partnering with Rick DePaul’s Powerprox 6 month braces 101. A great way to get information in expanding dental services all in one shot. For anyone who can make it to the Charlotte area in November, here’s the information:

Famous Exodontist Dr. Tommy Murph to Speak at Powerprox Six Month Braces 101 Course

Margie and I are SO EXCITED to announce that world famous exodontist Dr. Tommy Murph will speak at the Powerprox Six Month Braces 101 course this November 5-6, 2010 in Charlotte, NC.
Tommy is an in-the-trenches general dentist like you and me and has simplified and demystified the tooth extraction procedure. This allows you to comfortably and confidently treat many more extraction cases in your office. He is so inspiring I even thought of taking his course and I am a well known oral surgery amateur. His straight shooting style is admired by many doctors worldwide. In fact he has one of the most popular threads in Dentaltown history where he helps docs with their extraction cases.
Tommy will speak on day 2 of our course in Charlotte.
Topics will include surgical extractions, Crane pick extractions, easy lower incisor extractions, and much more.
Tommy’s EXCELLENT oral surgery book will be available with a special course discount. He will be giving a discount of $25 per book purchased. Tommy will even autograph it for you. He will also give you a discount of $25 per Crane pic purchased.
Also be sure to bring any films/records you have on extraction cases that you want some guidance with. Tommy is always happy to help.
There will be no additional charge to our standard seminar fee.
Tommy and I both want you to be exposed to this excellent material and we do not want additional course fees to be a barrier.
If you have any questions to ask about the course please visit our thread on Dentaltown or call 440-646-1000. You can register at that number or online HERE
Space is limited so we recommend you register ASAP to avoid disappointment.
Here is a link to Tommy’s oral surgery thread so you can get a preview of the type of top notch information you will receive.
Margie and I thank you for your continued support.
Rick DePaul