Metlife & Connection Dental Part 2

Whew!  It’s been a busy couple of days for Lisa digging up some details on the new Metlife/Connection Dental alliance.  There’s some new pieces of information to share that we didn’t have before that we want to pass on.

  1. The Metlife patients that are showing up under the Connection Dental fee schedule are for the new PDP Plus network.  This is the network now for Met for all fully funded plans which means Tricare is not included.
  2. If you are currently in-network with Connection Dental but not Metlife and you do not want CD fees to apply to your Met PDP Plus patients then you need to call Connection Dental immediately to determine the opt out requirements for your office.
  3. Check out the attached documents for more information on this new system!
  4. Be sure you understand your potential participation levels for both Connection Dental and Metlife.  There is no right answer for all offices.

We are seeing more and more impact with third party administrators.  This move with Metlife is similar to United Concordia’s move under the Assurant/DHA fee schedule that is also transitioning.  In this case if you are NOT participating with United Concordia directly then your United Concordia’s FFS network (Not ParNet) will fall under the Assurant/DHA fee schedule instead.  It’s imperative that offfices understand not only who they are in-network with but how they are contracted.  You can get paid very different rates sometimes on the same patients!

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