Prepare Now!

What if your goal is to drop PPOs eventually but you know you aren’t quite ready to start? There’s one thing you can do now to make it easier down the road when you are ready to start dropping. Be sure your practice management software is set up to track write-offs for each individual insurance plan. If you never plan to drop an insurance plan it’s fine to set up your system to bill out the PPO rate rather than your regular fee. If you never want to know your write-offs then it doesn’t matter. If, however, you want to begin dropping insurance plans gradually some day you will want to have the most useful information about each plan at your fingertips when that day comes. If you bill out your full fee and track write-offs according to each plan then you can quickly analyze which plans are costing you the most and strategize about your priority of which plans to drop first when that day arrives. Give us a call if we can help.