Who’s Watching Write-Offs?

There are days it seems like more work to manage a dental practice than it does to do dentistry. One thing that often slips through the cracks is watching insurance write-offs. Not just overall adjustments, but tracking which insurance companies write-offs and fee schedules are dropping below the rest of the pack. It’s also important to tie that information to how much revenue is generated by each plan. Every office should have a file for each insurance company with current fee schedules as well as the date that the fee schedule expires. The insurance company will not tell you when you are eligible for another increase so be sure you initiate the process. I am often asked for tricks of how to negotiate and the reality is that some companies will negotiate and some won’t. The important part is to know what to ask for with the ones who will. Knowing which codes are most relevant for your office is key. If you take a pano on every new patient that code will be more important for you to monitor than a practice that doesn’t have a pano machine. It’s a very individualized process to negotiate good fee schedules because each practice runs differently so fighting for the right codes for each office takes some detailed analysis. If you are due for a fee schedule review and don’t have the time or inclination to do it yourself, give us a call. Within 2 weeks you will have a detailed outline showing the impact of each insurance plan on your practice. This is some of the most important data a dentist should review. We can be reached at 303-204-9515 or visit our Contact Us page to send us an email.