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Let us handle your fee negotiations and credentialing
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The process was great! Things went very smoothly and the transitions we made were seamless. We will be clients for years to come.


Dr. James Hurm (Kentucky)

Great service, very knowledgeable. They walk you through every step and are very open to questions.


Dr. Christopher Wahlers (Pennsylvania)

Sandi and her team did a wonderful job analyzing our networks, evaluating how they could be improved, and following up to make sure everything was implemented as planned.


Dr. Christopher Toth (North Carolina)

Unlock the PPO did an amazing job with helping me set a fee schedule, select insurances with which to participate, and negotiating fees. They helped me navigate the murky insurance waters and always explained things in a way I could understand. It was money well spent!


Dr. Michelle Aliotti (Florida)

Unlock the PPO takes the guess work and headaches out of insurance negotiations. They are the best!


Dr. John Poston (Missouri)

The team at Unlock the PPO was amazing to work with. They took the “PAIN” out of working with insurance companies.


Dr. Devren Anderson (South Dakota)

I would recommend this to all of my colleagues. It was a tremendous relief to have professionals with so much knowledge of the insurance game during all the work. I am very grateful.


Dr. Nicolas Kindred (Washington DC)

Sandi & her team at Unlock the PPO have guided me through the murky waters of insurance negotiations, helping me get higher fees and determining which plans are best for our office.


Dr. Brandon Hall (Colorado)

What a pleasure to work with Sandi & her team are extremely knowledgeable and truly look out for the solo practitioner. Insurance is a beast, but Unlock the PPO makes the task of negotiating contracts a breeze. My only regret is not contacting them sooner.


Dr. Lacie Dennis (Texas)

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We are here to handle your fee negotiations and credentialing
so you can concentrate on what you do best.
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