About Us

Unlock the PPO is jointly owned by Sandi Hudson and Lisa Weber.  There is no corporate backing, hidden partners or paid spokespersons with our company.  Either Lisa or Sandi personally work with each and every client as the contact person and oversee each dentist’s analysis and negotiations.  Sandi works with our clients who have established practices and are seeking to renegotiate, add or drop plans.  Lisa works with all of our start up practices.  Because each client works directly with one of our owners you have the full support, accessibility and accountability of our owners throughout our work with your practice.


Sandi Hudson

Co-owner and founder Sandi Hudson has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Iowa. After several years in health care and fundraising management she transitioned into dental office management and spent a decade overseeing dental insurance participation and negotiations. Her experience comes from hands-on experience rather than concepts that just sound good on paper. She has worked with offices across the country and has a broad perspective on how to tailor insurance decisions to various regions and demographics. Her goal is to help dentists take a common sense approach to managing insurance participation in a way that best fits their goals. By keeping abreast of industry trends she is well positioned to help dentists prepare for how insurance will best fit into their practices both now and in the future. Sandi focuses on the analysis side of the business by crunching numbers and making recommendations about participation levels.  Click this link to go to a podcast and hear Sandi’s perspectives on how Unlock the PPO serves Established practices. Sandi heads up our Colorado location.

Check out Sandi’s Blog here. For more information contact us toll free at 855-327-9125.


Lisa Weber

Lisa became a full partner with Unlock the PPO in early 2011 by creating and expanding the negotiations wing of the company. Lisa had a finance and insurance management history prior to her 13 years experience in the dental industry. Her clinical and dental management background gives her a comprehensive perspective when negotiating fee schedules. Lisa has a dogged determination to negotiate the best possible fee schedules for dentists who are adding a carrier or may be deciding whether to remain a participating provider with an existing carrier.  She has focused on creating relationships with mutual respect with insurance representatives and understanding the parameters they have to work within.  This understanding of a complicated system ultimately allows dentists to get the best ROI on their investment.  Lisa has also spent extensive time to create services that are invaluable to the start-up segment of dentistry to make the transition into practice ownership simplified when signing PPO contracts.  Lisa is the director of our Start Up Practice division as well as overseeing negotiations and oversees our Virginia office. Click this link to go to a podcast and hear Lisa’s perspectives on how Unlock the PPO serves Start-Up practices.


Our Staff


Colorado Office

Brenda is our Client Coordinator and handles the scheduling at our Colorado office as well as any contract related questions. Her administrative expertise helps create a smooth flow of gathering data and coordinating communication with our clients.

Wendy is our Demographic Coordinator who researches specific areas to determine what the top employers are and which insurance companies are tied to those employers.  Her behind the scenes work ensures that offices considering PPO participation have a thorough demographic look at their new office area so we can target the top employers and most relevant plans to consider participating with.

Willa is our western located insurance company negotiator who has a strong background in negotiations and exceptional attention to detail.


Virginia Office

Tseday manages our credentialing department and coordinates the flow of individual applications with the insurance companies to make sure our dentists get credentialed in a timely fashion.


Tracy is our Credentialing Assistant who handles application entry and helps track effective dates for our dentists who have added new contracts or received recent increases on their fee schedules.

Daniel is Texas based negotiator, located in one of our busiest demographics for fee schedule negotiations due to the challenging Texas market. His keen eye and understanding of top codes allows negotiations to be tailored specifically to each office based on their particular mix of procedure codes.


Julie is one of our fee schedule negotiators who works diligently on behalf of our clients to develop good relationships with the insurance company reps and maximizes fee schedule negotiations for our dentist’s benefit.




Storehouse Dental

Storehouse Dental is the charitable wing of Unlock The PPO and comes from the biblical verse Malachi 3:10 “Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse that there may be food in my house”.  Our company foundation was built to be a reminder that there are big needs in the world but that any one person or group can choose to act as a storehouse to help meet the needs of others.