The Dental Marketer :: Episode 75 is live and it is amazing! We discuss topics all about insurance! So many times when we are starting our first ever dental practice we may think “hey it’s best to accept every single the of PPO insurance… right?” But is it really? Sometimes, we discount our services WAY too soon with accepting all kinds of PPO insurances and don’t ever see the bigger picture. Remember PPO insurances are just another form of marketing, my wonderful guest explains it very well. It’s like saying “would you want to have a permanent coupon out there that people (possibly a large majority) can use whenever with no expiration date? Something to really think about huh!

My guest, Lisa Weber from Unlock The PPO, discusses ALL these scenarios and situations and she explains something really important that every dentist should know…. which is their NUMBERS. Sometimes you know how much your mailers cost, digital marketing cost, you may even know how much your front office pens cost monthly, but many dentists have no clue about the fees and discounts that they are giving due to accepting certain PPO’s and so much more! So please tune in and listen closely as Lisa Weber drops some serious knowledge!

Lisa became a full partner with Unlock the PPO in early 2011 by creating and expanding the negotiations wing of the company. Lisa had a finance and insurance management history prior to her 13 years experience in the dental industry. Her clinical and dental management background gives her a comprehensive perspective when negotiating fee schedules. Lisa has a dogged determination to negotiate the best possible fee schedules for dentists who are adding a carrier or may be deciding whether to remain a participating provider with an existing carrier. She has focused on creating relationships with mutual respect with insurance representatives and understanding the parameters they have to work within. This understanding of a complicated system ultimately allows dentists to get the best ROI on their investment. Lisa has also spent extensive time to create services that are invaluable to the start-up segment of dentistry to make the transition into practice ownership simplified when signing PPO contracts. Lisa is the director of our Start-Up Practice division as well as overseeing negotiations and oversees our Virginia office.