Totally worth it! So glad to have you help us get good fee schedules. It’s made a huge difference!
-Meredith Todd, DDS

Sandi & Lisa went above and beyond, following up even after the negotiations were done. They were great.
-Jarrett Hulse, DDS

I was very impressed with the efficiency & thoroughness of this process. Sandi and Lisa were a pleasure to work with
-Andres Gamboa, DDS

I wanted to thank you and your staff at Unlock the PPO for guiding me through my startup insurance process. If it wasn’t for you, I would have been completely lost! I (or any dentist for that matter) do not have the expertise, time or patience to go through this extensive insurance setup process. Lisa, you were very professional and understanding at the same time. I would love to recommend you to anyone who work with insurance. I have no doubt they will be thanking you (and me for sending them your way!).
-Sara Seo, DDS

Unlock the PPO was a terrific investment! They made the seemingly incomprehensible world of insurance simple and understandable. I was able to make decisions that greatly benefitted my practice with the best possible knowledge and advice. I will be using them for the rest of my career to negotiate with insurance companies and to make decisions on which to join and which to drop. I have and will continue to recommend them to my colleagues (just not the ones who are my competitors.) Sandi and Lisa were phenomenal. Please give my number to anyone for a reference.
-Dr. C Ryan Oakley

Unlock The PPO was the best money we spent amongst all the money we spent for our start up practice. Lisa Weber is beyond amazing! No regrets whatsoever.
-Dr. Amit Batra

The best experience in opening our offices. Sandi and Lisa are amazing at what they do. If you have found them you are already ahead of the game!-Dr. Ariaban
Hands down one of the best investments I put into my start up. Sandi and Lisa were wonderful to work with and I highly recommend their services. Thank you.
-Dr. R Sater

I cannot put into words how much help and insight you gave me with my practice insurance analysis. I was looking for a consultant and I found a friend in you. The entire service was perfect.
-Dr. H Govani

Sandi made the insurance company cough up a better deal. They did great!
-Dr. B Broughton

I would suggest that any Fee For Service Practice check with Sandi before entering into agreements with PPOs. Sandi has provided me with superb professional advice and help in this area. Her expertise is well worth the investment. Thank you Sandi!
-Dr. B Simmons

Sandi and Lisa were very professional and a pleasure to work with. Lisa, who handled my negotiations, kept me well informed throughout her interactions with the insurance companies.
-Dr. I Getz

Both Sandi and Lisa were a joy to work with. I really appreciate their expertise and knowledge of insurance and most of all the great results that they were able to get in renegotiating some of my plan fees.
-Dr. Jared Nation

Not wanting to accept PPOs was possible before but in today’s economic climate it was no longer possible. Unlock The PPO made a huge difference in making the ones we accepted economically feasible for my practice to deliver the quality of care I desired.
-Dr. M Papendick

All I have to say is “Wow!” Your experience and knowledge are superior. We learned so much from both Sandi and Lisa. The transition from a fee-for-service office to now having a PPO involvement was easy and smooth. They were both truly a blessing to this office. Your time and attention to detail was awesome.
-Dr. Scott Arndt

We were extremely pleased with the level of service from Sandi. She takes the time to understand your office so she can create a more custom approach to the process. She then supports you with the necessary forms and guides you so you can feel confident in any future negotiations or communication with insurance companies.
-Kellen Tadano DDS

Working with your company has been a great experience. When I thought that I was lost with insurance I was saved by Unlock The PPO. Lisa was very pleasant to work with, very professional. She answered all of my questions in a timely manner and was always reliable. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to tell other dentists about Unlock The PPO.
-Dr. C DeLaCruz

Unlock The PPO made my opening a new office much easier. Lisa Weber did an excellent job getting me enrolled with pretty much all the insurance world.
-Dr. Gabriela Duraes

After working with Sandi for only a short period of time, I have to say that I am more than pleased with all the help she has provided. Her thoroughness and help has been extremely beneficial to my practice. Thank you!
-Daniel Casel, DMD

The knowledge that Sandi has of the insurance industry was invaluable to me as a new dentist buying an existing practice. With her help I was able to quickly and clearly see what plans I needed to focus on or even try and phase out to increase my bottom line immediately. Often just working with the insurance companies to increase reimbursement rates instead of raising the fees to the patients was what I needed to do. Everyone wins with that situation. I would have spent countless hours on this to do it myself. But with Sandi, I was able to focus on other issues in the new practice; all the while knowing that my new office was on a solid path to maximizing its financial success.
-Dr. Hodge

Sandi and Lisa are awesome! Sandi analyzed our PPOs and helped us see which ones were profitable and which one were not. Lisa then followed up and helped us negotiate fee increases with certain PPOs. Our initial investment was recouped very quickly.
-Dr. H Rittenberg

These girls are great to work with. Even when I had what were pretty dumb questions they took their time and answered all of them for me. This whole process was very easy and they helped every step of the way. I know that it has increased our profits – too soon for figures, but just in posting mail from companies that we have worked with for a while I can see major improvements in the pay scale.
-Dr. Brad Blair

Lisa was a real pleasure to work with. You guys made Insurance credentialing smooth & painless, maximizing value for my practice.- Dr. Shanial Nagar
Second time working with Unlock The PPO & they have consistently made the process smooth & easy. The investment is definitely worth it.
-Dr. Rami Sater

Lisa is the best! We have a startup practice & she was very helpful during & after the insurance negotiations.
-Dr. Tina Wu

Unlock The PPO was a good return on my investment. They also helped clear up the confusion of the many piggy-back PPO fee schedules.- Dr. Robert Bliss
We highly recommend Unlock The PPO. They provide great service. They also walk you through every step and decision being made. Any questions or concerns your office has; they answer in a timely manner.
-Dr. Lawrence Wang

Sandi and her team took the mystery of out the PPO process for our practice! THANK YOU!
-Dr. Joshua Renken

Sandi and the staff at Unlock The PPO were a pleasure to work with. The amazing service was worth every penny spent.
-Dr. Steven Kamps

Thanks for all your work in renegotiating the insurance contracts along with providing us with a tremendous amount of information and knowledge re: insurance contracts. We are very pleased with the results your group achieved, the promptness in responding and providing information.
-Dr. Karen Foster

The only regret I have is not using Unlock The PPO sooner! They’re worth their weight in gold.
-Dr. Joshua Wyatt

I am very pleased with Unlock The PPO. I used them with my startup and they took a huge burden off my shoulders. They took care of all of the insurance credentialing and fee negotiations. I highly recommend them.- Dr. Katelyn Palmateer
You all did a great job helping me negotiate fees. Highly recommended!- Dr. K. Baldwin
“Unlock The PPO was a pleasure to work with. They were effective, efficient and communicated well with our office. I would highly recommend them and I will use them again.”
-Dr. K Moore

“Sandi and Lisa are very professional and we gained a lot by using their service. We recommend them highly”. -M Bateman (North Carolina)

“A great service worth every penny. The folks at Unlock The PPO are awesome. I couldn’t ask for better customer service”
-Dr. J Reichenberger (Kansas)

“We were extremely pleased with the level of service from Sandi. She takes the time to understand your office so she can create a more custom approach to the process. She then supports you with the necessary forms and guides so you can feel confident in any future negotiations or communications with insurance companies”.
-Dr. K Tadano (California)

“Unlock the PPO will yield the best ROI of anything I have implemented in my practice. Sandi’s analysis of my business and insurance participation were eye opening and they alone are worth the investment in her services. Sandi has real world experience in the services she provides. She has been a dental office manager for years and guided her own practice through the process, so you can be sure you will be getting real world advice, not untested suggestions. She is a professional in every sense of the word. She sets expectations in the beginning, no sales pitch, just honesty. She then handles EVERYTHING, no extra work for me, just results! I got an initial report which analyzed my insurance participation backwards and forwards. It was concise and help make the goals of the process clear. I received regular updates and was presented with a comprehensive, but easy to understand report at the conclusion of the process. This report has been incredibly valuable as it has helped me develop a plan for the next 2-3 years regarding my insurance participation, marketing and business development. I look forward to working with Sandi in the future when the time comes to drop some plans. It has truly been a pleasure to work with Sandi.”
-Dr. A Black (Mississippi)

“Sandi and Lisa provided exceptional thoroughness and prompt communication. The anticipated ROI from working with Unlock the PPO has me singing their praises to any dentist who will listen. Work smarter, not harder!”
-Dr. Kevin Low (Washington)

“Sandi and Lisa provided excellent service, support, understanding and counseling for our office in helping us navigate through these murky waters. I highly recommend them, and could not be more pleased with our outcome”.
-Dr. P Olberbing (Iowa)

“Thanks for the guidance through the extensive insurance set up process. I am more than pleased with your help!”
-Dr. Daniel Dufera (Maryland)

“Lisa and Unlock The PPO are a huge asset in any startup who plans to accept insurance.”
-Dr. Ashley Desaix (North Carolina)

“Lisa was so helpful in navigating through the tricky waters of insurance. I had complete confidence in her knowledge & expertise & believe anyone wanting a higher reimbursement needs to contact this company!”
-Dr. Ginger McElravy (Texas)

“I was very pleased with both the process and the outcome of having Sandi & Lisa negotiate our best rates with Insurance companies.”
-Dr. Scott Vanslambrouck (Michigan)

“ Working with Unlock The PPO was one of the easiest parts of starting my practice. Their negotiations have helped me reach production levels I never imagined I could.”
-Dr. Todd Petersen (Nevada)

“Reimbursement from dental insurance appears much better now than when I used to associate elsewhere.”
-Dr. Woo Kwon Park (Texas)

“Fantastic service; made my life easier. Everyone was extremely thorough and helped me in every step along the way.” Dr.Bhumika Patel (Illinois)

“Very happy with the service you provide. They were very accessible. This was my 2nd time using Sandi and her team and they delivered again.”
-Dr. Robert Gold (New York)

“Excellent service. Attention to detail and very responsive. I would recommend Unlock The PPo without any reservation”
-Dr. Mohit and Dr. Jennifer Virmani (Maryland)

“It was a pleasure working with the entire Unlock The PPO team. The entire process was very smooth and I am very pleased with the negotiated fees they were able to obtain.”
-Dr. Gregory Camp (North Carolina)

“You’ve helped us optimize the PPO plans we were on!”
-Dr. Matthew Giunta (Florida)

“Great Service! One of the best decisions I did for my startup practice”
-Dr. Omar Salameh (Ohio)

“Let’s face it, patients want to use providers who are “in-network”. While helping you decide the best way to join the network, Unlock the PPO will help you negotiate the best reimbursement fee schedules. If you are even thinking about becoming a network provider, you can’t afford NOT to use Unlock The PPO.”
-Dr. James Pledger (Texas)

“All staff is very informative & helpful”
-Dr. Hieu Nguyen (Texas)

Common Questions Patients Ask When You Go Out-Of-Network

Patient: Why did you go out of network with my insurance company?

Staff: Your insurance company was not willing to pay benefits at a level where we can continue to provide the care you are used to receiving from us. By changing our relationship with your insurance company we can still utilize your benefits but without the restrictions we currently face as a provider. This allows you to still use the benefits you pay for while allowing us to provide patient care in a way that we feel good about.

Patient: I saw you are no longer going to be on my list of providers. Too bad I can’t see you any more.

Staff: You can absolutely still see us! Most patients have policies which gives them the option to see the provider of their choice. We have many patients with your plan who easily use their benefits with us.

Patient: I hate to leave your office but dentistry is expensive and I won’t be able to afford you now.

Staff: Most patients have plans that pay the same percentage of benefits…

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