Testimonials for Signature Service

“I was very impressed with the efficiency & thoroughness of this process. Sandi & Lisa were a pleasure to work with.”
- Dr. Andres Gamboa, North Carolina

“Sandi & Lisa went above and beyond, following up even after the negotiations were done. They were great!”
- Dr. Jarett Hulse, Texas

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“Totally worth it! So glad to have you help us get good fee schedules – it’s made a HUGE difference!”
- Dr. Meredith Todd, Maryland

"Lisa is the best! We have a start-up practice & she was very helpful during & after the insurance negotiations".
- Dr. Tina Wu and Dr. Christopher Kim, Texas

"I was very pleased with both the process and the outcome of having Sandi & Lisa negotiate our best rates with Insurance companies.”
- Dr. Scott Vanslambrouck, Michigan

"Lisa was so helpful in navigating through the tricky waters of insurance. I had complete confidence in her knowledge & expertise & believe anyone wanting a higher reimbursement needs to contact this company!"
- Dr. Ginger McElravy, Texas

"Lisa and Unlock The PPO are a huge asset in any startup who plans to accept insurance."
- Dr. Ashley Desaix, North Carolina

"Thanks for the guidance through the extensive insurance set up process. I am more than pleased with your help."
- Dr. Daniel Dufera, Maryland

“Lisa was a real pleasure to work with. You guys made Insurance credentialing smooth & painless, maximizing value for my practice.”
- Dr. Shanial Nagar, Georgia

“You guys are really great!!”
- Dr. Jung Lee, Washington

“Ya’ll were great, Sandi and her team helped us in places we didn’t even know we needed.”
- Dr. Daniel Brunner, Georgia

“What an organized and knowledgeable group you folks are! Absolutely appreciate your guidance!”
- Dr. Lien Van, Florida

“Unlock the PPO was very easy to work with, communicative, and it paid for itself!”
- Dr. Mark Connolly, Tennessee

“Unlock the PPO has been very beneficial to us in dealing with all the credentialing for all the insurances. Thank you for all the help and support.”
- Dr. Haris Iqbal, North Carolina

“Well worth the money invested!”
- Dr. Adina Manolescu, California

“You made the process seamless and efficient allowing us to make quick decisions on how to implement change within the business. Thank you!”
- Dr. Roarke Miller & Dr. Todd Squires, Idaho

“Unlock the PPO negotiated excellent fee schedules for both my offices and was always very helpful after the fees were in effect – any problems that we couldn’t resolve were handled in a timely fashion.”
- Dr. Maureen Copeland, Illinois

“I would highly recommend Unlock the PPO. They helped to call the PPO and find all the information they needed. I didn’t have to research anything. It was a pleasure working with them.”
- Dr. Rima Shahhal, California

“Sandi and her team helped us navigate our way through a tangled mess of PPO plans we were in, resulting in net collection increase > $75k/year, without any changes to how we practice!”
- Dr. Bradley Boeke, Texas

“Sandi and Lisa were amazing. They did a great job for our negotiations and later on when our insurance companies made mistakes and several caused us problems. They still were there for us and helped resolve all the issues without changing anything even when it was well after our “contract expired.”
- Dr. Michael Paul Todres, New Jersey

“What a pleasure to work with Sandi & her team are extremely knowledgeable and truly look out for the solo practitioner. Insurance is a beast, but Unlock the PPO makes the task of negotiating contracts a breeze. My only regret is not contacting them sooner."
- Dr. Lacie Dennis, Texas

“Sandi & her team at Unlock the PPO have guided me through the murky waters of insurance negotiations, helping me get higher fees and determining which plans are best for our office.”
- Dr. Brandon Hall, Colorado

“I would recommend this to all of my colleagues. It was a tremendous relief to have professionals with so much knowledge of the insurance game during all the work. I am very grateful.”
- Dr. Nicolas Kindred, Washington DC

“The team at Unlock the PPO was amazing to work with. They took the “PAIN” out of working with insurance companies.”
- Dr. Devren Anderson, South Dakota

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“Perfect and Professional from beginning to end!”
- Dr. Alice Bui, Texas

“Very knowledgeable & thorough group to work with. Achieved excellent results for our office!”
- Dr. Jeffrey Wechsler & Dr. Adam Wechsler, New Jersey

“Unlock the PPO was well worth the cost and the service will easily pay for itself. Highly recommended!”
- Dr. Ross Hart, Oregon

“I had a great experience working with the Unlock the PPO team! They were able to negotiate some great rates for me, so that I could treat my patients with the quality of care they deserve, but at the same time make it worth my chair time. Great customer service from beginning to end.”
Dr. Pamela Liu, Texas

“Absolutely outstanding service. Couldn’t have imagined going through the startup process without their help.”
- Dr. DeAngelo Webster, Michigan