Startup Practices

Welcome to real world expertise with over 40 years combined experience in the dental industry where you work directly with an owner. We are your resource for PPO contract analysis, providing personalized guidance to you, based on your specific business needs and goals.

Our commitment to Signature Service means that all of our clients work directly with a company owner. Our stellar team assists from beginning to end but you will have direct access to Lisa as she handles phone meetings and recommendations to oversee your project. We work with a limited number of clients each month to ensure that you get the attention you deserve.

Please check out the brief video to meet Lisa and learn more about what makes our company unique.

We work with solo practice business owners with no more than one location and, in some cases, up to two Dentists. We do not handle practice purchases or transitions or corporate clients.


Thank you for taking the time to research our company, we’re glad you are here! Below are some added details of what is included with our Startup services. If you would like to get more information sent to you by email, please visit our Contact Us page and we’ll be happy to reach out (in that no-pressure sort of way).

  1. During your first call with Lisa, we will work with you to define your top codes that you want us to focus negotiations on. We will provide a template to help guide the process but want to be sure that your top codes are a custom reflection of your new office so it will be tailored specifically to your practice.
  2. We do a third party fee analysis to help set your fees properly and discuss this with you during our first call. We will need to submit a copy of your full fees to the insurance companies as part of the negotiations process.
  3. We'll be doing a demographic analysis of your area to pinpoint largest employers and what corresponding dental insurance companies are tied to them. What is an important insurance company to consider in one market will be different from another based on local employers. Strategic decisions need to be made to choose the best mix of participation for your specific area.
  4. Let the negotiations begin! We handle the back and forth negotiations with the insurance companies on your behalf and Lisa will present all final offers and make recommendations to you during separate individual phone meetings. For any new contracts you accept, we will handle the paperwork for you and follow up until we have all of your effective dates confirmed. We will then give you a copy of all of your effective dates before we wrap up.
  5. Copies of all final fee schedules and contracts will be placed in a permanent online account for you to access at any time. The contents of this cloud-based file will be reviewed in detail during a scheduled 1-hour Team Call that we will coordinate prior to your opening but when you have your computers in place and your Front Desk hired. We will provide you with the dates that you are eligible for renegotiations when all of your final effective dates have been confirmed.

We are project-based so we charge a flat fee and do not take a percentage of the increases we obtain for you. We typically work with a practice for about 6 months, depending on your goals, but our process and fee includes everything from beginning to end.

Interested in learning more? Visit our Contact Us page and we’ll be happy to send you more details and pricing by email.