We work extensively with dental CPAs, attorneys, wealth managers and other dental consultants in a due diligence capacity for potential purchases as well as with clients in need of analysis and fee schedule negotiations.  It is our goal to take care of your clients with the same care that you would give them directly and to hand them back over to you for their ongoing care after we’ve assisted in this one specific area of practice improvement.

We are strongly committed to recommending services we believe in for clients in common without expectation of reimbursement and have made the decision to refrain from requesting discounts for our clients or accepting fees for our referrals.  For the same reason, we do not discount services for clients referred to us.  Since we have many major referral sources who do not expect a discount for their clients and are committed to a pricing that is always going to provide an excellent return on investment, we feel we should have set pricing for all clients from all referral sources.  Since internal referrals from satisfied clients are our number one referral source, we feel it isn’t appropriate for those doctors internally referred by a friend or colleague to pay a premium over other referral sources. The exception to this is if a referral source recommends our services to such a level that they are choosing to pay for our services directly on behalf of their client. In those cases we may offer a discount due to the referring source paying us in full directly.

We want our company’s foundation to be built on value for all of our clients and we feel our policy allows all mutual clients to feel comfortable in knowing that any referrals are done entirely in their best interest. The only time a separate compensation for our services may be involved is if it’s through a seminar we may be sponsored through and is clearly announced during the presentation.